Weekend Tea Service

Saturday & Sunday | 11am - 2:00pm


Join Us for Afternoon Tea

Sweet and savory bites paired with tea from local providers.


Tea service meets country cuisine for a memorable date destination, new way to do brunch, bridal party celebration, or comfortable setting to catch up with friends and family unlike any other afternoon culinary experience in Philadelphia.

Imagine the trappings of a traditional tea service spun up to highlight Pennsylvania Dutch-inspired specialities like housemade scrapple, snickerdoodle, shoofly cake, and datch (PA Dutch quickbread) and paired with a selection of teas from local providers Premium Steap and Oma Herbal Teas. $35 a person.

Tea Menu

Choose one tea to pair with our selection of bite size servings


Choose one

Premium Steap Teas

premium tea importer based in Philadelphia

Lapsong Souchong

classic Chinese tea from the Fujian province, strong and smoky. This is what the colonists would have drank and called Bohea

Jade Ti Kwan Yin

an Oolong green tea with smooth drinking floral notes

Jasmine Yin Hao

green tea with jasmine flowers

Moroccan Mint

Chinese gunpowder green tea with peppermint

Korakundah Nilgiri

grown at high elevation in Southern India, mild but bright flavor, classic black tea

Oma Herbal Tea

A one acre homestead in Schwenksville, PA where herbs are grown organically


organic chamomile flowers

Spring Blend

A blend of Anise Hyssop, Mint, Yarrow and Elder Flowers

Fall Blend

A blend of Lemon Balm, Sage, Chamomile, Calendula, and Nettle

Elwood Blend

A herbal blend made especially for Elwood Restaurant – Spicebush, Goldenrod, Bee Balm, and Stringing Nettle

Tea Service

Comes with bite size servings of the following

Corn Datch & Biscuit

served with Apple Butter, Jelly, and Clotted Cream

Garden Salad

Beans, radishes, Sherry Dressing, Blue Cheese


Smoked Trout

cracker, sour cream, caviar

Pate En Croute

mustard, picked onion

Chicken Salad on Croissant

Venision Scrapple


Shoofly Cake





Per Person