Teaberry Ice Cream

A true Northeastern PA summer treat, teaberry is my favorite ice cream flavor. Ice cream shops back home always had the brink pink Pepto-Bismal colored, slightly minty flavored ice cream.

Our mom taught us at a young age to identify the plant, also known as Wintergreen, and look for the berries. When we were hiking, camping or hunting it was always like being on a treasure hunt to find a teaberry plant and eat the berries, sometimes covered in snow.

There was also a chewing gum by Clark’s that was flavored like teaberry, which was really good.

My teaberry ice cream isn’t quite as neon pink as the ones you buy in a shop back home, but I made mine with fresh teaberries we foraged at my brother’s spot back home last Fall.

The second picture is taken next to a wintergreen plant in Elwood’s backyard. Wintergreen outdoor pic is from my brother at The Blind Pig Kitchen

Other pics by Jamie Fahy