Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry season is upon us! And to many Pennsylvanians, that means strawberry shortcake — one of my favorite treats growing up.  A British import to the New World, strawberry shortcake recipes go back hundreds of years in the United Kingdom and not just with strawberries, countless other fruits and berries were made into shortcakes, including […]

Stinging Nettles

Stinging Nettles are a wild weed that most people steer clear from, but they’re is also one of the best tasting and nutritious plants one can find growing in the forests and meadows of Pennsylvania. Collecting nettles in the spring is very easy because they grow so profusely — just remember to wear gloves because […]

Spicebush Tea: A tonic for good health

Transcript Hi, I’m Adam Diltz from Elwood restaurant, a B.Y.O.B. in Fishtown that focuses on the history, culture, and farmland of Pennsylvania. So last week I got a box in the mail from my mom and it was a box of sticks, but they weren’t just any old sticks — it was Spicebush. This is […]

Dining Out: A Global History of Restaurants

While the restaurant is shut down and we practice social distancing, I’m getting a chance to catch up on some of the reading that I’ve been neglecting since Elwood opened. One of the books I just finished is a fascinating look at the history of restaurants called Dining Out: A Global History of Restaurants, by […]
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