Forgotten History: Blue Shackamaxon Bean

Blue Shackamaxon Bean

Blue Shackamaxon Bean William Woys Weaver in his amazing book- Heirloom Vegetable Gardening – says the name refers to a place along the Delaware River in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia. Fishtown is what we call the area today and it is with great pride that I will serve them at the Fundraiser this Sunday for @roughwoodseeds. The work that @roughwoodseeds does in saving and preserving heirloom varieties like the Shackamaxon bean is so important to our region and they are helping to combat our current food system that seeks a monocrop agriculture that doesn’t celebrate the diversity in vegetables and fruits that people once enjoyed. These beans I got from Roughwood and my brother The Blind Pig Kitchen grew them for me. It’s not a whole lot, but I am honored to serve this in my corner of Fishtown, an amazing little bean with the region’s history hiding in it’s bluish shell.